15 Things You Should Stop Saying To Girls With Tattoos

LOL, some people smh

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1. “But you’re so pretty!”

I’m not sure if you’re saying girls with tattoos are less pretty, or…? (And I think my tattoos are pretty, and they make me feel pretty, which is more than I can say for your complisult.)

2. “Aren’t you worried about sagging/what they’ll look like when you get older?”

You know what I’ll look like when I get older? An awesome old lady with tattoos.

3. “I don’t usually like girls with tattoos.”

Congratulations. The tattoo-free ones are still out there. Even if you’re following this up with “… but yours are okay,” it still feels like there was some serious initial judgment.

4. “Well, I wouldn’t get that.”

Well, it’s a good thing it’s not on your body, isn’t it?

5. [if you’re a total stranger] “But what does it mean?!”

Do you realize the potential can of worms you’re opening up here? Do you…

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Review: Because of You by Julie Cannon


Barrett, such an interesting name for an interesting woman. Barrett is rich and owns her own company, she’s on a trip in Columbia to do business when her guide leads her astray and she gets kidnapped. While trapped she meets an amazing woman, a nurse, Kelly who has been there for a year and five months. When Barrett is finally rescued six months later she not only has to leave the other hostages behind but Kelly as well. Not being able to cope Barrett hires the same people who got her out to go and get Kelly and the other hostages. When Kelly finally comes face to face with Barrett again and gives her a hug it’s been two years since she’s been gone and she’s come with a surprise as well.

Kelly has been in survival mode for so long that it’s hard not to be the docile woman she was and do what she wants to do. Being back in civilization is hard but she makes it work. As time goes on she and Barrett get closer and the real adventure begins.

I loved this book. Even though it skipped days, weeks and months you could still follow along and understand the story, Julie Cannon did not need to make a day by day account of what happened or was going to happen in Barrett’s and Kelly’s lives. The ending was beautiful and a great start to a new and happy beginning. I highly recommend this book.



I really hope today is the last day we have to do this. I have suffered through three days of torture at the hands of mosquitos, I’m like a freaking buffet to them. My feet hurt something fierce and I won’t even go into the rest of my body. For the most part we got all the big stuff and furniture out, now it’s just trash day I hope. Finished mother’s place yesterday now today is dad’s place. I’m not looking forward to doing his backyard and may even leave that to the kids because one: not my dogs and two: not feeling like stepping in dog shit. At least there won’t be any mosquitoes there to greet me, one can only hope.


Sometimes a deal comes along that’s too good to resist, and this is one of those days. The DANGEROUS DOZEN boxed set will be released on April 7th – twelve full-length heart-pounding, edgy romances for only 99 cents! Pre-order it now so that these 12 sexy men will appear on your e-reader first thing Monday morning, April 7th. You’ll be dreaming about them all week long. 



Being a woman

Sometimes in those rare moments when life gets you down mother nature comes up and not only kicks you in the ass but makes sure you go down even more. I hate when she come calling because it usually mean I’m stuck in the bed with nothing to do but work through the pain. Recently it has gotten worse. Then there are the times when you think you have it figured out and are all prepared and the bitch has the nerve to change up on you. It comes to the point where you’re just like DIE.


Is it just me or do all people have to be assholes? You think you’ve gotten over something and then it slaps you in the face months, even years later. Then when you try to reconnect with someone they’re a jerk about it. I understand if you don’t want to talk to me but at least give me the courtesy of saying no instead of ignoring me like I mean nothing to you. Like we were never friends, like I’m just invisible. Sometimes the pain get’s to the point where you’re living with it every day and you don’t even notice it. I have to ask, is that bad?

Try a New Point of View: One Topic, Three Takes


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A band I once knew wrote a concept album telling the story of the destruction of a kingdom… from the point of view of a rock  on the abandoned castle floor.

Was it a good album? Not at all. Did it make people think? It did, and not just, “How much beer do you have to drink to think it’s a good idea to write an album from the point of view of a rock?” It made people think about how point of view shapes storytelling — the details you decide to include (and exclude), and the tone you choose to use. Point of view is also the difference between a post that falls flat, and one that sucks readers in.

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