Is it just me or do all people have to be assholes? You think you’ve gotten over something and then it slaps you in the face months, even years later. Then when you try to reconnect with someone they’re a jerk about it. I understand if you don’t want to talk to me but at least give me the courtesy of saying no instead of ignoring me like I mean nothing to you. Like we were never friends, like I’m just invisible. Sometimes the pain get’s to the point where you’re living with it every day and you don’t even notice it. I have to ask, is that bad?


Try a New Point of View: One Topic, Three Takes


The Daily Post

A band I once knew wrote a concept album telling the story of the destruction of a kingdom… from the point of view of a rock  on the abandoned castle floor.

Was it a good album? Not at all. Did it make people think? It did, and not just, “How much beer do you have to drink to think it’s a good idea to write an album from the point of view of a rock?” It made people think about how point of view shapes storytelling — the details you decide to include (and exclude), and the tone you choose to use. Point of view is also the difference between a post that falls flat, and one that sucks readers in.

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